When Black and White Photography meets the Art…

When Black and White Photography meets the Art…


… what masterpieces we can get!

Amazing captivating images, light and lines, contrasts, driving your eye deep into the endless horizon, into the infinity of life and the glory of soul resurrection. I was captivated by those photographs that belong to the award winning fine art photographer Joel Tjintjelaar from the Netherlands. His work has been published on many online websites and in magazines like American Photo (October 2010), Black + White Photography magazine UK (March 2010) and Dutch magazine Digifotopro to name a few. Besides these publications his work has also been used for commercial purposes like the worldwide press release for BMW’s 6 series concept coupe (September 2010) and Joel’s feature in NIK Software’s Promotional video for the world wide release of Silver Efex Pro 2.

He has created two websites. His personal featuring hisown work www.joeltjintjelaar.com and www.bwvision.com which serves as a source on the internet with B&W photography, tutorials, tips and tricks, articles, interviews by guest writers, interviews with famous photographers in the art of black and white photography. This website also serves as an inspirations source in the field of black and white fine art photography.

Crystal Pier

My creative vision is based on the idea that, once the artist is deliberately moving away from reality in his artistic expression, the viewer can get closer to the essence of the artist himself and to his creative spirit. The further the artist moves away from reality, the more unique the result is, the more it represents his personal vision and the closer we get to experience the essence of that artist. That is far more interesting than capturing objective reality and getting closer to the essence of the camera, which is basically what photographers do who claim to only shoot straight out of the camera. When I use long exposure techniques, I’m already consciously moving one step away from reality. (artist statement from http://www.glass-star-agency.com/joel-tjintjelaar-profile


Feeding water to the ocean


Frozen Music IV

Frozen Music

Frozen Music IV

Frozen Music I

Tunnel Vision

Vanishing I