Gabor Palotai Design | Inspirational Portfolio [48]

Gabor Palotai Design | Inspirational Portfolio [48]


Gabor Palotai Design, graphic design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Type, shapes and geometry are their tools to design minimal but bold book covers, poster art or logotypes. Their creativity goes far more to a broad range of design projects in the field of visual communication such as corporate design, packaging, signage, exhibition design, web design, animations, book design and illustrations. Their other tools are knowledge, inspiration, desire, beauty, playfulness, surprise, brain, heart, eyes and life. So, with so many powerful tools, it is not difficult to see and admire the outcome.

Gabor Palotai Design has been awarded by Design Prize of the Fed. Rep. of Germany, Nominee, Core International Design Award
, Excellent Swedish Design and Swedish Book Arts Award.


Book design for the Communication Agencies in Sweden


Scandinavian Design Beyond the Myth, 2003 – 2007


Restaurant Annakhan, 2005


The Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers, SKAP


Ät mig!, 2006. Design and illustrations for Erik Videgård’s book, Eat Me!


Estonia, 2005. Posters,

signage and printed matter for the Estonia exhibiton at the Maritime Museum in Stockholm


Kungliga Myntkabinettet, 2000 – 2003


Arvinius Förlag, 1998 – ongoing