Gender Equality Now | 10 Fantastic Winning Posters

Gender Equality Now | 10 Fantastic Winning Posters


The top 10 best posters on “Gender Equality Now” have been selected and they could not be missed from our poster collection! We can see how creativity grows more each year, and designers feeling more the need to express their feelings through design to spread awareness. This special and sensitive competition Poster for tomorrow organized is a promise that creativity is still the most powerful channel to change our minds, sensitize them, twist to other directions. My humble congratulations to all designers who won and those who participated for their thirst to contribute their talent to the world.
PosterForTomorrow will publish them in a catalogue  including the rest 100 amazing posters!

Enjoy them!


Morgan Gilbert - France

Eric Le - Australia

Ruonan Yan

Anastasiya Batashan - Russian

Les Hameçons Cibles - France

Fabio Caselli - Switzerland

Fabian Donoso - Chile

Elias Riedmann - Austria

Dalida Karic-Hadziahmetovic - Bosnia Bosnia and Herzegovina

Atelier Graphicable - France