Geometric Bang & Photocane // Exhibition BRAIN CASE

Geometric Bang & Photocane // Exhibition BRAIN CASE

Art is “All Over”
With this concept Photocane and Geometric Bang bring their art inside the gallery. It is envisioned as a skull, it is used as the mean to connect to the outside world and the urban fabric, to be in continual exchange with the city and share their art with the street. For them, art should be shared rather outlined differently in … either inside or outside. The work changes value and meaning as the box that contains either a gallery or the world.

Both from the world of graffiti they have developed a style and character of their own.

Geometric Bang developed his art from the geometry, his drawings are dominated by two-dimensional creatures and colorful treatment voluntarily infant. In addition to his art, he devoted himself to graphic design and production of T-shirts, badges and self-produced fanzines. Often collaborating with international artists, they consider art and graffiti as a way to create new knowledge and enrich its culture.
Photocane working in photography since 2001, likes to draw, take pictures and stories to engage in the social. He has to his credit, some exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In his work he always tries to connect to the territory and present a photographic project dedicated to the city.
“A photograph is both a pseudopresence and an indication of an absence” (Susan Sontag)

The exhibition takes place at  41 rue des Tables Claudiennes, Lyon, France
Date: 03 March – 01 April
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