Greetings From Outside The Inside | A Poster-Card Book

Greetings From Outside The Inside | A Poster-Card Book


Today I am very happy to present you a very interesting and inspiring book! “Greetings From Outside The Inside” is a poster-card book designed by Pamela Campagna and Thomas ‘omi’ Scheiderbauer. It contains 54 wonderful, captivating posters which became large postcards. All posters were co-created by Pamela and Thomas ‘omi’ for miscellaneous cultural and social problems, questions, contexts worldwide, and published in different media: streets – blogs – magazines – books. A daily inspiration for every designer or not. Pamela’s and Thoma’s posters form a source of information and awareness, designed with a very special way.

Beside the cards you’ll find 5 texts, written by Raquel Romero Babío and Curro Aix Gracia, Jana Hadravová and Lukáš Beneš, Annette Spohn and Stefan Münker, Anna Arezzo and Fabio Santacroce and by Pamela Campagna and Thomas ‘omi’ Scheiderbauer, which are reflecting in one or other curious way on Pamela’s and Thomas’s work. The 54 postercards were printed on 285gr paper, perforated and ready to rip out and send off. Share inspiration, share awareness!

Cover is silkscreened in 5 different vivid colors on 550 gr. grey cardboard. How do you feel today, green, white, red, orange or grey? Choose a book according to your mood. A must buy book for every creative person.
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Size: 17 x 15 x 3 cm
160 pages
publisher: Lukáš Beneš
concept and design: L – a b l e –
printed and supported by: LEBEN – Sokolov – Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-260-1665-6 / [email protected]