I Just Murdered The Alphabet

I Just Murdered The Alphabet


New series of 102 handmade drawings. It combines hip-hop punchlines, lettering experiments, and savage craft creations. The artworks will be presented at Sergeant Paper in Paris in October 2012. THE 500+ HANDMADE TYPES are inspired by everything from graffiti to sign painting to psychedelic art. I just pay tribute to hip-hop culture, with 102 meaningful rap punchlines drawn in a slick style. The series also introduces an imaginary tribe I called La Société Des Griffeurs.

A SOCIETE DES GRIFFEURS is a group of teenagers born and raised in a project.After traveling to Borneo in Indonesia, they build a secret community based on freedom and animalistic instincts. They find philsophical values in hip-hop culture.

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AFTER A SUCCESFUL CAREER as an art director for magazines in France (WAD) and abroad (Acclaim, Australia), Mega decided to devote himself exclusively to his love for art. From Nike to Volkswagen through Complex magazine, his images are found on all medias. The invasion has begun, they are already among you.

“THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE THAT IS MEGA, bags of attitude and a slogan straight from the street art revolution. Mega is instantly likeable, the street style and attitude infectious, his globe trotting lifestyle creates a unification of global counter-culture in his work which overflows with a panoply of colour, slick well chosen lines and a hawks eye for a good angle.Mega is one of those that simultaneously breaks the mould  but acts as a distillation of his genre, his work trades in alternative culture kudos, which like a precious currency, corporates try to co-opt to put some dents in their cold calculating exteriors and inject some life into their atrophied veins of style by committee, all the while they fund Mega, laughing from his tropical paradise knocking out work he couldn’t help but do whether he was paid or not. He controls his style in this way creating slick and justified work that is skilled not only mechanically but works as an illustrator should by selling the message hard. This can be down to his street roots or more likely honed by editorial experience, either way he can put a point across with a tropical sense of glee and a palette rich with street colour. A true talent, it’s Mega.”
by Illustration Rally