Milda Bandzaitė, a Conceptual Artist from the Wonderland

Milda Bandzaitė, a Conceptual Artist from the Wonderland


Milda Bandzaitė is a conceptual artist who creates behind the alias AIWS that originally stands for Alice In Wonderland Syndrome. And that‘s how it is – Milda lives in her imaginary wonderland and sometimes visits planet Earth to make friends with ordinary human beings, to promote animal and human rights or to share her minds and creativity with others.

„Vivisection“ mostly introduces viewers to animal testing, but at the same time it criticises the superficial ideals and tries to open doors to other dimensions (psychological, philosophical, sociological…) leading to a reflection upon the construction or destruction of identity and human behavior as well as raising moral questions of the exploitation of others. The whole series is the mixture of despair, spiced with a pinch of cold beauty, pain, apathy and cynicism.


title: “A hope”


title: “Future”


title: “Let me crowl inside Your skin”


title: “Mouse”

Materials: photo-artworks and paintings.
First art exhibition will take a place in Munich:


Baaderstraße 65,
80469 München

Vernissage: 20.06.2013 18:00
Tuesday – Friday 11:00-19:00
Saturday 10:30-18:30
Sunday 11:00-15:00

More information (or interview with Milda, etc.) via request.
contact: [email protected]