Nothing Happens For A Reason

Nothing Happens For A Reason


A self-assertion poster illustration designed, by Stelios Spanoudakis aka Junkart, for “As we enter meeting Vol.3 – Meet us” exhibition, by Enter Events & Corn Studio, in Athens, Greece.

“As a human being I believe that nothing happens for a reason. We provoke everything… or not! Except that, sometimes I enjoy designing stuff with no reason, meaning, purpose. I just like the result I see and I am happy!

That’s what I did with this poster here. I generally like all kinds of skulls, flowers, line drawing, design elements etc. So I draw them together in a synthesis I “saw” with pencil and markers, then scanned, vectorized and colored digitally. While designing, I was thinking that this poster illustration could be for a rock/metal band or something! That’s why it’s darkness…

I love dark, death, heavy metal illustration styles and I am trying hard to improve my design skills by watching and studying great artists from around the world. I think all designers should do that; watch, study and learn until your eyes bleed!

And don’t forget to live and love…”