Posters to MAXimum by ‘Rompo’


Max “Rompo”, is a 24 years old designer and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He works on artists and cultural commited projects (CD’s, identity, editorial, promo posters, etc.). At the same time Max tries being as prolific as he can by designing personal social and political posters for print and online circulation (his facebook page ( works as a personal blog for publishing regular weekly updates) to get as much public as possible. ax “Rompo” thinks about them as a reader to whom he is telling a story by putting playful metaphores and double entendre situations up to explain himself. What remain between us after reading it is what he is most interested on. That’s why almost every project starts by writing single words in little sheets of papers that are going to be translated into visual elements later.

All of this started some years ago when Max used to take photos of his friends at their rock concerts while studying graphic design at University of Buenos Aires. At first it was about photography, then videoclips, logos, albums and then posters came.

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    Oh my! This is really great! Truly and inspiration! I love this post so much!