Swede Graphic Designer Freja Hedvall

Swede Graphic Designer Freja Hedvall


Swede freelance graphic designer Freja Hedvall believes that if you give a lot, you receive a lot back. It is that type of communication she enjoys creating. It is that type we liked and wished to share with you. “In combination with strong concepts, collaboration and hard work, there are no limits for what design can offer to the world”. Freja’s portfolio is a diary of her passion for creative solutions and of what Freja has learned the past three years as a communication designer.

View below a sample of her portfolio or visit her website for more at http://www.frejahedvall.com


In Crust We Trust, A sourdough bakery with a twist

Australians have for long been known for eating white bread, but with a demand for healthier alternatives, we created a sourdough bread identity to believe in. With monks delivering your daily bread, we spread a belief in a body of health and trust in crust.



Designing a Modern Heritage, Workshopped 13 exhibition

Workshopped is an annual design event offering Australian furniture and product designers the ability to respond to a topic and exhibit their work. The question of the theme is left open to interpretation and discussion for everyone involved, where the unique identity is derived from the Modern and the Heritage in constant motion, always playfully reinventing itself, representing cycles and trends coming and going.



Poster for colleague Ant at Moon

Care for your originals, Fruit packaging, campaign and magazine for Adidas sub brand All naturals

Creating a fruit packaging strategy and range for Adidas fictional sports brand, Adidas launches a new vintage inspired outdoor clothing range, All Naturals, focusing on sustainability and longevity. Promoting the new range with a bit of humour, the clothes will come with a fresh fruit which peels are intended for cleaning and keeping your product clean.




Anthology, Leaving gift

Ain’t no sunshine when Ant–hony Donovan is gone. When a Creative Director like Ant leave the studio, he only deserves the best.