The Art of Silk Screen Printing

The Art of Silk Screen Printing


TIND is a full service screen printing studio and design operation located in Athens, Greece. TIND takes the art of screen printing to the highest level of artistic excellence. The print shop and studio is founded by Chrysanthos Angelakis back in the seventies and today he works with his son Manolis. Manolis Angelakis draws from a variety of old and new methods which he applies to the craft of silkscreen printing: gold leafing, glow in the dark paints and more are printed on everything from posters, skateboard decks, stickers and business cards. Whilst often distinguished by complex apocalyptic imagery or aesthetic flavors from the turn of the century, TIND delivers a contemporary refined style that only comes from delivering serious hours experimenting and developing his craft. Silk screen for Tind is a form of high creative art.

I decided to show you here not only his final printed posters, but the process as well, so you can also admire their passion and love in what they create.
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Typographic Calendar / Comeback

2013 Typographic / Quotation Calendar
Designed by The Comeback
and printed with love by Tind

We know that 2012 it’s the end of the world but just in case take one



Cunt. The final frontier

Various colors printed on various papers. 10 unique limited edition prints, signed and numbered.


Die Rakete

-1st layer color (black, dark blue)
-2nd layer glue (applied with gold, silver, coil leaf and gold, silver, iris strass)

Limited edition prints of 50, signed and numbered, all are random, unique and wonderful.



I want to believe

A 70 x 100 cm silkscreen poster, crowd funding

A tribute of things to come. A clash of cultures where the straight lines of 8bit meets the non straight lines of the Parthenon architecture and the accuracy of program design meets the hands of analogue printing.

Unique result!