Unique Collection of “New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival” Posters 1975 to 2001

Unique Collection of “New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival” Posters 1975 to 2001

Recently I landed on an extraordinary interesting link, feautring Jazz Fest Posters collection, of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival events through the years 1975 to 2001. A truly unique collection of original prints with the artist’s signature, print numbers and if applicable, related remarques, etc. 

To view the whole collection, simply click on the link for the index page.  The prints are for sale as well. Just drop a note to the collector via E-Mail or call 352-238-7007.

1975. by Sharon Dinkins & Thorn Grafton

1975-Created by Sharon Dinkins & Thorn Grafton

1976. by Maria Laredo

1976-Maria Laredo

1979. by John Martinez

1979-John Martinez

1981. by K.N. Martin


1982. by Stephen St. Germain

1982-Stephen St. Germain

1984. by Philip Bascle

1984-Philip Bascle

1985. by Tore Wallin

1985-Tore Wallin

1988. by Kevin Combs

1988 Kevin Combs

1990. by Louise Mouton

1990-Louise Mouton

1991. by Patti Harris Googe

1991-Patti Harris Googe

1993. by John Scott

1993-John Scott

1994. by Peter Max

1994-Peter Max

1995. by George Rodrigue

1995-George Rodrigue

1996. by George Rodrigue

1996-George Rodrigue

1998. by James Michalopoulos

1998-James Michalopoulos

2001. by James Michalopoulos

2001-James Michalopoulos

1999. by George Dureau

1999-George Dureau

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