Who’s Who of international brands

Who’s Who of international brands

Brogen Averill’s portfolio comprises major assignments for a “who’s who” of international brands as well as a tasty selection of niche design projects. After working with design agencies in London and Paris, Brogen worked in Europe and the UK. From big brand design for Citroen and SFR in France and Panasonic and Heineken in Holland, to niche projects such as a Gilles Fournier album design, Brogen has gained an enviable international reputation as a versatile designer.
Brogen Averill, returning to New Zealand in 2004 brought his distinct European style to bear on a range of projects from branding to signage, packaging to web.
Design in all its forms, continues to drive Brogen’s creative ethos. His fascination with European industrial furniture and Bauhaus has seen him more recently delve into other areas of design. Enjoy some of his projects.





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