Wicked Illustrations from Mexico!

Wicked Illustrations from Mexico!


Eduardo Laguna, is a 28 years old Mexican illustrator and designer, who discovered his passion for design … one skating day!! while talking with a  friend about graphic design. A day that changed his life. Eduardo was studying engineering at that time and the decision was not welcomed in the family. So, he ended up studying parallel engineering and design and almost two years after decided to dedicate himself to design.

For Eduardo design means a constant challenge which keeps him full of euphoria, because he is always looking to do new things. Eduardo was an illustrator practical from his early years when his school notebooks were filled with drawings instead of texts. A sign shows that illustration has always been his best way of communicating. Colors, textures, characters and all of Eduardo’s artwork is product of his lifestyle, places he has visited, people he has met, troubles and achievements in his life. Eduardo Laguna finds inspirations in riding the subway and watch people. He enjoys to see and study their expressions and their looks, which then leads him to invent stories and create characters.

Here are some sample of Eduardo’s Laguna illustrations but feel free to visit also his portfolio at www.behance.net/eyeside