George Digalakis speaks about himself and his minimal photography

George Digalakis is an accomplished photographer, specializing in Fine Art minimal photography, through which he tries to convey the beauty of nature, with his own distinctive, black and white language….

Typeface Sirenia. Designed by Nature – Totally Organic Letterforms & Flowing Transitions

Sirenia is a friendly display face with rounded corners and flowing transitions. The letters have a very organic look and feel as if naturally grown. There are clear calligraphic influences…

Best Cannabis Art Nowadays

Getting swept up in a sea of vibrant art will refresh your soul. A stroll through an art gallery after a few drinks is a one-of-a-kind way to spark your…

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Vercetti Regular Free Font

Vercetti is a sans serif font inspired by a humanistic design with a geometric touch. Its character structure is solid and moderately conventional, integrating smoothly into miscellaneous projects such as…

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